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Research status of high-speed tapping technology

with the emergence of machining centers, especially the rapid development of high-speed cutting technology, tapping has become a short term in production. In order to solve this contradiction, several tool manufacturing companies have invested a lot of human and material resources to tackle all links affecting high-speed tapping. At present, they mainly study the development of high-speed tap, floating tap chuck and tap automatic exit power head, and have made great achievements

high speed tap

high speed tap series is newly developed by American emuge company. It is mainly improved from the following aspects:

it is made of high-speed steel with high cobalt content

the cutting part of the tap is designed into an S-shaped geometry that is conducive to cutting and chip breaking, which greatly improves the cutting performance of the tap

adopt advanced coating technology and select ideal coating materials to improve the hardness, red hardness and service life of the tool

the chip removal groove is designed into a large spiral angle structure to facilitate chip removal

try to design an internal oil passing structure to reduce the very high cutting temperature generated by the cutting part of the tap in high-speed tapping

because the newly designed tap has the above advantages, it can reduce the cutting temperature and greatly improve the cutting speed in tapping. At present, the company's high-speed tap series include enorm-s-tin, rekordaraero-s-tin, rebust-s  tin, rekord2a-a-1kzticn and rekorda-s-ticn. According to American Midwest auto parts manufacturing company, the rekord2a-a-1kzticn high-speed tap is used to process m14x1 on malleable cast iron (the utilization proportion of degradable green packaging materials in H express industry will be increased to 50% B) The practice of blind hole thread of H shows that it can make tapping under the condition of cutting speed v=61m/min, which is more than 3 times higher than the original processing. Machining steel parts can increase the cutting speed by more than 6 times

floating tap collet

the high-speed tapping and cutting test conducted jointly by emuge and Kassel University in Germany has proved that the feed rate selected in tapping is not synchronized with the inherent pitch of the tap itself (there is an error between the two), which is the main reason why the tapping efficiency is not high and the quality cannot be guaranteed in high-speed tapping. Due to the additional accumulated error between the two, additional axial forces of tension and compression will be generated in the tapping process, especially when the tap exits from the hole, the thread surface will be seriously scratched under the action of large axial force. The quality of parts with high-speed tapping cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, emuge company developed a floating tap chuck that can automatically compensate the tap deformation caused by axial tension and pressure in tapping. It is said that the newly designed floating tap collet can compensate the deformation within 0.5mm. This technical problem has been satisfactorily solved. So that the tapping can be carried out at high speed. The tap automatically exits the power head. In the past, during the return process of tapping, the spindle of the machine tool needs to slow down, stop, reverse and accelerate the return, which not only increases the auxiliary time, but also causes mechanical wear to the parts of the machine tool. This is also one of the main reasons for the low tapping efficiency. In order to improve the tapping efficiency, tapmatic company of the United States designed a power head that can automatically exit the tap without changing the spindle speed and direction after tapping as early as a few years ago. The power head adopts the clutch principle, and a ball automatically connects the gear transmission mechanism rotating in the forward and reverse directions. The tap can be driven by the power head to realize automatic return without changing the speed of the machine tool spindle. The auxiliary time is greatly saved. The measurement principle of Rockwell hardness - provided by Jinan experimental machine factory: Rockwell hardness has 2 durometers to reduce the production cost. At present, as long as the company is a local company in Jinan, it has been able to provide users with two kinds of taps for lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and machining centers, which are parallel to the spindle or drive in the direction of re straightness. They are essential tools for high-speed tapping. Of course, the tap automatically exits between the power head and the tap, and a new type of quick change collet is also required. At present, this e-lock quick change tap collet has been introduced to the market

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