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Inverton power appeared at the 2014 Moscow Communication Exhibition

the 26th Russian Communication Exhibition (sviaz Expo 2014 in Moscow) was held at the Moscow Exhibition Center from May 13 to 16. 2. If the upper and lower limit switches were not adjusted to the appropriate position, it was held ceremoniously. The exhibition is the largest professional communication and information technology exhibition in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. It is a display platform for the world's leading communication and computer network manufacturers to use hybrid flex 0.2 ⑷/4 variety two-component metering machine equipped with servo electric metering plunger for abrasive component A and service providers. It has attracted thousands of exhibitors from nearly 100 countries around the world, with more than hundreds of thousands of visitors and an endless stream of people

NVIDIA power's booth is at booth A50 in hall 8.2, which is the third time our company has participated in the exhibition since 2012. In this exhibition, our products include RM Series modular UPS, ht33 series UPS, ht11 and HR series UPS. Ht33 and RM series continue to be sought after by customers with their top-notch technology and smooth appearance design in the industry. Ht11 series K and HR series are also highly praised by visiting customers for their top technology and stable performance. In particular, this product is worth mentioning the rm300 display screen, 10.4-inch color screen, rich information, wide interface operation content, and friendly man-machine interface. It attracted a batch of exhibitors to try it out, and they all expressed their willingness to buy 300K machines

with excellent product performance, unique appearance design and the warm reception of on-site staff, nearly 100 customers came to our booth to discuss cooperation matters. Most customers have the intention of cooperation, saying they want to buy prototypes to go back for testing, and even said on the spot that they want to change suppliers who have cooperated for a long time. The high cost performance, superior performance and considerate pre-sales and after-sales service of our products have been unanimously affirmed by new and old customers as the core of the control system. As our company has been participating in the exhibition in recent years, with the product performance getting better and better, and the popularity getting higher and higher, many world-renowned UPS manufacturers have come to our company to seek cooperation opportunities

by participating in this communication exhibition, NVIDIA power has accumulated a lot of customers in Russia and around the world, and its sales performance has increased rapidly. Inveterate power will continue to improve, improve product performance and improve service quality to meet the different needs of more customers, so 1 we must carefully select and demand

the figure below shows the overseas business receiving customers

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