The hottest NVIDIA nylon 66 polymer factory opened

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INVISTA nylon 66 polymer factory opened in Shanghai

while foreign countries are market leading chemical suppliers. INVISTA's hexamethylene diamine and nylon 66 polymer factory in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, China, recently broke ground

215000 T/a hexamethylene diamine plant and 150000 T/a nylon 66 polymer plant are expected to be put into trial operation in 2015. In addition to the two plants under construction, INVISTA also plans to build an additional 300000 t/a adiponitrile plant. The total amount of the three investments exceeds US $1billion, which is the largest investment project in the history of INVISTA 2. High melting temperature

Warren primeaux, President of NVIDIA intermediates, said that the company believes that China's demand for nylon intermediates and polymers is growing, and the new plant will help the company provide better services to customers

hexanediamine, adiponitrile and nylon 66 polymer are important materials for producing nylon 66 fiber

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