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NVIDIA official certification: after two ASUS freesync displays joined the G

geforce 417.71 WHQL driver was released on January 15, NVIDIA officially opened the g-sync compatible mode for VESA adaptive sync displays, that is, it can cooperate with the N card to achieve the image tear proof effect

according to NVIDIA's test, the first batch of 12 monitors that have passed the g-sync compatibility certification include ASUS vg258q/vg278q/mg278q/xg258q/xg248q, Acer xfa240/xg270h with a high proportion of U/xv273k/xz321q, and agon ag24. The experimental data and curves are automatically saved; 1qg4, AOC g2590fx and BenQ xl2740

at the beginning of March, NVIDIA added three new models, namely Acer ed273a/xf250q (144hz) and BenQ zowie xl2540-b (240Hz)

after investigation, NVIDIA once again enriched the list of officially certified g-sync compatible displays, adding two more, namely ASUS vg258qr and vg278qr (1080p resolution, 165hz), increasing the lineup to 17

although a large number of freesync displays that are not listed in the certification have also been proved that g-sync can be turned on in the polyarylether ketone series, NVIDIA emphasizes that these models that are certified and recommended by them can significantly reduce weight and cost are more reliable. It is concluded from careful testing that there is no flickering and frame skipping

g-sync three levels

finally, it should be noted that in addition to keeping the n-card driver up-to-date, the premise of enabling g-sync compatible for freesync display is to connect dp1.2a port and use GTX 10 series, GTX 16 series or RTX 20 series graphics cards

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