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Nutanix continued to lose money in the third quarter and continued to promote the transformation to software

the number of enterprises was 2 Accuracy level: 0.5. According to nutanix, the central infrastructure provider, its share price fell by more than 4% in after hours trading due to its third quarter loss exceeding expectations

after excluding certain costs (such as stock compensation), the loss was 21 cents per share and the income was $289.4 million. Wall Street had expected a loss of 19 cents and a revenue of $279million

nutanix also said that its deferred revenue (theoretical reliability increased by more than five times; refers to the prepayment of products or services to be delivered in the future) increased by 62% over the same period last year to $539.9 million

however, all this was offset by nutanix's lower than expected revenue guidance. Nutanix expects revenue of $295million to $300million in the fourth fiscal quarter (after excluding certain costs), with a loss of 20 cents to 22 cents per share. Analysts expected a loss of 13 cents per share and a revenue of $289million. The difference between the two prompted a small sell-off, causing nutanix's share price to decline by 4%

nutanix has been selling infrastructure hardware all-in-one machines for managing data centers, and recently began to enter the transitional stage. Nutanix has shifted its focus to the software that manages networks, storage and servers, which is part of the super convergence method of private cloud computing. This method can reduce costs, improve security and improve the scalability of virtualization

nutanix's transformation is quite complex, involving new partnerships, product launches and acquisitions, including the recent cooperation with cyxtera technologies to provide on-demand hyperconverged infrastructure through a software driven data center architecture. In terms of acquisitions, nutanix acquired minjar, a cloud infrastructure optimization company, and netsil, an application monitoring company, this year. In addition, nutanix also launched a new software as a service product called nutanix beam, which aims to provide multiple governance and management capabilities

nutanix CEO dheeraj Pandey said in a statement that although there was a loss in this quarter and the transition was slow, there would definitely be a return. Our strategic shift to software is in progress, and we adjusted our sales compensation in February to support this transition, Pandey said

Pandey cited nutanix's revenue breakdown to support his statement. He pointed out that nutanix's software revenue was $158.5 million, an increase of 57% over last year. At the same time, nutanix's hardware revenue was $62.6 million, an increase of 5.6% year-on-year

Pandey told analysts at the meeting: we have seen some big transactions, which would not have been possible if we had not stopped selling all-in-one machines

holger mu2kn, vice president and chief analyst of constellation research, is one of the latest series of news Universal Experimental machines developed by our company. 1eller is as optimistic as Pandey. He said that this disappointing fiscal quarter is likely to be just a small bump in the transformation process of nutanix

mueller said: nutanix's revenue reminds us that despite its attractive product portfolio and good growth record, executives still need to meet expectations as much as possible. In this case, the lack of [revenue] may not affect the long-term positive product potential, because it is transitioning from the previous hardware positioning to a more attractive software portfolio

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