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Ten reasons why "BYD" is necessary

as the world's largest forklift consumer market, China's market demand is also very different due to regional, cultural, economic and other differences. BYD forklift has experienced nearly 10 years of market baptism since it began to set up its forklift business in 2009. However, it occupies an unshakable position in the Red Sea market of forklift field, and its sales volume is also growing year by year

in 2018, BYD's sales of electric forklifts exceeded 12000 units, a year-on-year increase of 150%. For the future, BYD is optimistic. At the end of last year, BYD announced its sales target at the forklift dealer conference: in 2019, it sold 40000 sets, with sales of 3billion yuan; In 2020, the sales volume will strive to reach 5billion yuan

what gives BYD forklift full confidence to make such bold remarks? Why can BYD forklift stand out from the crowd of forklift brands and continue to gain customers' trust in the brand? The following reasons are indispensable

1. Nuclear "core" power battery

in the field of industrial vehicles, BYD has made the greatest contribution to the application of lithium batteries in forklifts. Battery quality is an important factor. For the sake of safety, lithium forklift requires very high battery consistency. BYD, with 23 years of experience in battery R & D and manufacturing, has absolute advantages in key indicators of power batteries such as product consistency, stability and energy density

at the same time, BYD forklift continues to improve its product configuration, including high-intelligent electronic control system, BMS battery management system, forklift automatic leveling function, OPS safety warning and other technologies, so that the forklift can be quickly charged and used at any time. At the same time, it also solves the problems of long charging time, short battery life, heavy metal pollution and acid mist pollution of traditional lead-acid battery forklift, and improves the overall interests of users

the essential characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery, as well as its relatively high safety and high efficiency, have also promoted the use range and application space of BYD forklift. At present, BYD forklifts have been widely used in food and beverage, paper making, feed, automobile and parts, home appliances, logistics and other industries. It is committed to improving logistics handling efficiency for various industries, optimizing resource allocation, saving logistics handling costs and creating higher benefits

2. Innovative production and R & D capability

BYD forklift truck attaches great importance to R & D and upgrading of production and manufacturing technology, and always demands itself with high standards. As a "latecomer", BYD forklift truck has made continuous investment in technology R & D and manufacturing. In the field of battery, BYD forklift upgraded the battery capacity to further improve the endurance of the whole vehicle; At the same time, the PDM management system has been built with a large amount of money to make the R & D design, process design, quality management, production and manufacturing more process oriented, standardized and efficient

in terms of production and manufacturing, BYD forklifts are accelerated to be equipped with more numerical control equipment and automatic welding robots to create a more efficient vehicle production line and further improve the manufacturing level of the whole machine

with its excellent hard core power, BYD forklift became the first enterprise in China to win the ifoy international forklift annual award in 2016; In the same year, BYD also won the silver award of "China's good technology" and the first industrial vehicle Innovation Award. It can be seen that the market recognizes and affirms the overall production and R & D level of BYD forklift truck

3. After sales service and maintenance

in 2018, BYD forklift has achieved a five-year battery warranty and a two-year vehicle warranty. In 2019, BYD forklift aims to develop towards a five-year battery warranty and a three-year vehicle warranty, overturning the industry development model

at present, the forklift industry in the market basically implements a one-year warranty for the whole vehicle. BYD forklift makes great efforts in after-sales and maintenance. On the one hand, the forklift market is very competitive at present, and this service beyond customers' expectations will greatly enhance the loyalty of BYD forklift customers; On the other hand, it will subvert some concepts of the industry. Some enterprises specializing in maintenance and accessories will also have great changes in their development mode

secondly, the quality of BYD forklift is under the unified control of BYD group headquarters. It has established a perfect and standardized product quality control system, which has a strong binding force on all personnel of the company, runs through the whole process of the quality system, and makes all links in the system linked, supervised and promoted each other, thus ensuring the hard strength of BYD forklift in quality, Therefore, a quality culture and concept has been formed in BYD forklift truck

4. Grow together with customers and dealers

only by growing together, mutual benefit and win-win results can we better maintain the relationship between each other and realize their values

first, BYD forklift truck is to help dealers, service providers and other customers survive before talking about development and survival. This is the most basic. In other words, it is to make dealers profitable. Second, it is to cultivate and train dealers and how to make them bigger and stronger in the process of providing services to customers

in addition, the most effective way to support dealers is to have excellent products. Only when dealers have strong profitability can they be willing to continue to work. To make money for the dealers, the customers should also be able to afford the products. Therefore, BYD forklift should also help the dealers to make a good positioning. This is the most basic problem. What kind of users and consumer groups should be paid attention to. Therefore, BYD forklift will enter the major customers in the user industry together with the dealers, truly understand the needs of customers, integrate with the dealers, grow together, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

5. Endorsement with brand awareness

results in different change rates of strain gauge resistance

BYD is the pioneer of global new energy overall solutions, and has carried out "7+4" whole market strategic layout in the field of new energy. BYD forklift is an important part of this strategy and is committed to leading the transformation and upgrading of China's warehousing and logistics industry. Relying on the electronics, automobile and new energy technologies of BYD group, BYD forklift has established its own brand in the industrial vehicle industry and promoted it with the help of the group's worldwide marketing network. After years of precipitation and accumulation, the product quality and environmental protection benefits have been unanimously recognized by the majority of customers. BYD forklift has emerged as a new force in today's wide variety of forklift products and has grown into a leading brand of new energy forklift

this year is the tenth year of BYD forklift development. BYD forklift truck, through the accumulation of experience and industry analysis, has taken the lead in the market step by step, realizing "from nothing" and moving forward towards "from being strong"

show its unique technical advantages in the field of lithium forklift truck with the attitude of "the latecomer takes the lead". At present, BYD electric forklifts have spread over more than 100 cities in China, and have successfully entered many overseas markets such as Germany, the United States, Brazil and Japan, covering six continents around the world

6. Deep cultivation in intelligence and networking

it is reported that BYD has been paying close attention to the use experience of forklift customers, providing professional customized services according to the customer's industry and forklift application scenarios, so as to more intelligently and personalized meet the different needs of customers. For example, the 5-ton electric counterweight forklift developed for heavy duty partners in the paper industry has become the industry leader with its advantages of large tonnage, high load, strong power, high safety and high efficiency

in addition, products such as station driven forward moving vehicles and short wheelbase counterweight forklifts have also adapted to the needs of customers in subdivided industries according to local conditions, thus realizing the maximum benefits for customers

next, BYD will also make great efforts to deploy forklift intelligence and connectivity this year. Taking the driverless pure electric forklift jointly developed by BYD and Asian engineering giant st engineering, which was released in Singapore in october2018, as an example, it is understood that this forklift can independently achieve a series of functions such as target guidance, path selection, access control identification, obstacle avoidance, loading and unloading operation, and has a high degree of automation and intelligence

now that there is a precedent of "driverless pure electric vehicle", what "amazing move" will BYD forklift show in the next step

7. As we all know, the internal combustion forklift has good stability, high power, fast speed and strong climbing ability, which makes customers love it. On the other hand, the factors such as large vibration, noise and large exhaust lead to poor working environment and affect efficiency

at this time, BYD forklifts learn from each other and rely on the company's advanced core technologies such as battery, motor, electric control and hydraulic system to create the ultimate vehicle performance, which is comparable to internal combustion forklifts in terms of driving speed, fork lifting speed and strong climbing ability. At the same time, it ensures low noise, no pollution and zero emission during use, effectively avoids the harm to human body and environment caused by exhaust emission of internal combustion forklift, and solves the problem of exhaust emission of traditional internal combustion forklift

BYD forklift is actively responding to the national guidelines and policies on energy conservation and environmental protection. In combination with BYD's core technology of green batteries and modern manufacturing technology, after years of technical reserves and research and development, BYD forklift has successfully developed new energy handling products such as balance weight forklift, forward moving forklift, pallet carrier, stacker, tractor, AGV, etc. equipped with iron batteries, providing zero emission and The zero pollution green handling solution leads all industries to achieve green innovation in the field of logistics handling

8. Unique advantages of forklift leasing

nowadays, forklift leasing has gradually become the mainstream of forklift use. In European and American countries, the forklift leasing business is as high as 70%, but in China, the forklift leasing business is still in its infancy. At present, the metal electric forklift leasing business in China mainly faces two major problems: one is the centralized charging of batteries, and the other is the battery maintenance of forklifts

based on the characteristic advantages of iron battery, BYD forklift completely solves the problems encountered in forklift leasing. The iron battery does not emit any toxic gas in the production and use process, and will not produce any pollution. It is a real green battery, which saves the approval process in the forklift leasing process, and BYD forklift does not need to establish a special charging station, which costs a lot of money. In addition, BYD iron battery forklift has the characteristics of charging at any time and charging quickly, so that the forklift can charge in idle time, There is no need to provide more backup batteries, which saves a lot of money for enterprises

9. With the strong backing of the whole industry chain, BYD not only produces and sells electric forklifts, but also cars. Its business fields span the four major industries of electronics, automobile, new energy and rail transit, creating an almost full coverage of the upstream, middle and downstream new energy industry chain. Through the high integration in the depth of the industry chain, it controls most of the links and core technologies of the industry chain in its own hands, and has a deep foundation of the whole industry chain

BYD has industrial parks all over the country and business footprints all over the world. As a technological innovation enterprise, it always adheres to the development concept of "technology is king and innovation is the foundation", and is committed to changing the world through new energy technology

10. Create a national brand with a sense of craftsmanship

over the years, BYD people have taken a step forward

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