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Korenix Ethernet power supply switch is specially designed for traffic monitoring system

korenix jetnet V 24V industrial Poe Ethernet power supply switch is specially designed for traffic monitoring system. Recently, it is often applied to public transport monitoring system to improve the safety of passengers, which can be specially designed by designers of Zhongchuang experimental machine manufacturers according to the situation. The exclusive 24V boost Poe technology enables jetnet V to simply connect all nodes of the system, thereby reducing the cost of the whole project. It can overcome the adverse environmental factors on mobile vehicles, and ensure the reliability of the network with solid design and wide temperature characteristics. These outstanding features make jetnet V the best choice for on-board IP monitoring system

at present, IP monitoring technology plays an increasingly important role in the whole video monitoring field. In all mobile video surveillance markets, bus is the largest one

public transport system is the preferred target of global terrorists; Any attack on a vehicle loaded with passengers, especially school related vehicles, will bring unimaginable harm to the whole society. The survey shows that more than 40% of international terrorist incidents are targeted at the transportation system, while 40% of large-scale traffic attacks are targeted at buses. The triple threat of terrorist attack, malicious destruction and litigation, which is the method used by the digital display meter of the test machine, urges the government and bus operation companies to step up the implementation of various safety issues of the transportation system. Therefore, more and more bus companies have begun to implement IP video surveillance systems to provide passengers with a safer riding environment

considering the growth trend of the bus monitoring market, korenix has created a successful IP monitoring system specially designed for on-board applications

bus monitoring is different from other application environments with DC48V power input, but a completely different DC24V power environment. Therefore, the traditional solution to power 48V Poe cameras on mobile vehicles is to equip an additional power adapter to convert DC24V to DC48V. Using these additional equipment will obviously increase the project cost and reduce the system efficiency

in order to solve the power conversion problem of bus companies and reduce the system cost, korenix specially developed jetnet V, industrial 24V Poe boost switch for this purpose. It is equipped with four Poe ports, which can supply power to four Poe cameras on the bus, and simultaneously transmit video image data to the mobile NVR system, RFID reader or wireless AP, just like the small network monitoring center on the mobile vehicle

system integration company chose korenix jetnet V because it can directly connect RFID reader and IP digital video recorder. Using the Ethernet power supply solution, the wiring cost is greatly reduced. The excellent anti vibration, fan free and wide temperature working environment makes the annual operation capacity of jetnet v China electrolytic aluminum reach about 37.2 million tons, making it an ideal solution for such applications

jetnet v

why choose jetnet v

24vdc power input, IEEE802.3af standard Poe output

solid design, anti vibration, anti shock

wide temperature working environment

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