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Kpin is scheduled to sell 300 tons of automotive coatings every month after 3 years.

kpin is scheduled to sell 300 tons of automotive coatings every month after 3 years. Finally, industry insiders said that tons

December 20, 2002

and perpendicular to the plane of the leaf spring seat: the fulcrum is on the axis line of the 2 steering knuckle. Kansai Paint of Japan, the production and sales base of automotive coatings in Indonesia, Kansai Paint

indonesia (kpin), We will strengthen and expand sales with the advantages of providing goods and technical services locally, and take three years later as the target. We hope that the monthly sales volume will reach 300 metric tons. The company began to produce some products in June, 2001, and has just established the production system of automotive coatings at the end of January, 2002. Therefore, it will apply its market position as the only Japanese coating enterprise in Indonesia, which can test and expand users through tensile tests

Kpin, a 100% subsidiary of Kansai Paint, was established in November 1999. It began to sell imported products in April of the second year. In March 2001, it transferred the joint venture through capital increase. At present, the capital is 6million US dollars, and the investment ratio is

Kansai Paint 51%, Jiangkou Yanchang store 19%, Mitsubishi commercial 13.3% and local enterprise GTP 16.7%. After being transferred to a joint venture

Company, it built a factory on 20000 square meters in the suburban industrial zone of Jakarta, The monthly capacity of the factory is 385 kilometers in total

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