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South Korea Yongjin special university chose Tektronix mixed signal oscilloscopes

Beijing, China, June 16, 2009 - Tektronix, the world's leading provider of testing, measurement and monitoring instruments, recently announced that South Korea Yongjin special University (yeungjincollege) has purchased 25 Tektronix mso2014 mixed signal oscilloscopes for the teaching of advanced digital circuit design in electronic engineering. Using mso2014 oscilloscope, students can view and analyze analog signals, digital signals and serial signals on an instrument. The courses of Yongjin special university integrate theoretical education and practical operation, so as to help students master the core skills required for designing and debugging complex designs

Yongjin special university is a private college in South Korea, which provides professional technical training to meet the current industry needs. As the world's leading supplier of mixed signal oscilloscopes, the plane scroll spring fatigue testing machine includes Electromechanical, transmission mechanism, tooling, fracture detection probe, and counting probe. Tektronix's mso2014 oscilloscopes provide an ideal platform for teaching students to design and debug mixed signal systems and help them meet the challenges of the future digital age

"Tektronix mixed signal oscilloscope provides an ideal and first-class training environment for students who enter specialized universities forever, such as pneumatic fixtures, to remove the residual iron filings during testing, which will be beneficial to expand students' innovation ability." Jamesalderton, the Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Tektronix, said, "we are very proud that Tektronix instruments can be used by famous universities and have the honor to participate in the training of future engineers."

about Yongjin special university

Yongjin special university is located in Daegu, the fourth largest city in South Korea, and is the top technical college in South Korea. Yongjin special university provides first-class training and education services in various industrial fields for high-quality young people with clear goals and who are determined to become professional and technical personnel in the future. Yongjin special university is famous for its first "customized education" model. While providing general technical training, customized education also focuses on special skills required by the industry

about tech company

tech company is a leading provider of testing, measurement and monitoring products. It provides a variety of measurement solutions and services for the global communications, computer and semiconductor industries, as well as military/aerospace, consumer electronics, education and other industries. Tektronix has more than 60 years of experience to help users design, build, configure and manage the next generation of global communication networks, computing technology and advanced technology. Tektronix is headquartered in oregon2 Biferton, the state of Jinan test drive system, has offices in 19 countries and regions around the world. The Chinese address of tech company is

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