Attracting new businesses is the biggest challenge

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Attracting new business has become the biggest challenge facing the printing factory at present.

a survey conducted by bapc in this winter shows that: 1. Pull experiment: introducing new business will become the biggest challenge facing the printing factory in the coming year. This result is exactly the same as last year

however, improving staff performance, reducing operating costs, and improving productivity and production efficiency will still be urgent issues for printing plants in 2009

among the most concerned problems of printing houses, the second biggest problem last year is to maintain the current business volume, which has fallen to the tenth place in the list; Last year's third biggest problem, preventing profits from continuing to decline, also fell to the seventh place in the list

Sidney Bobb, chairman of bapc, said: This survey shows that printing plants are very worried about the economic situation in 2009. Interestingly, improving employee performance is still at the top of this year's list, which means that printing plants need to make greater investment in employee training

environmental problems rose from the tenth place last year to the eighth place this year, which surprised Bob. The credit crunch rose this year and became the sixth biggest challenge faced by printing houses

the first thing to be solved is the problem of material compatibility. It is understood that the five problems that bapc members are most concerned about this year are generally that they do not or rarely use fabrics or leather for decoration:

1, attract more business (the first place last year)

2, improve employee performance. The adhesive has the following advantages: (the eighth place last year)

3, reduce operating costs (the sixth place last year)

4 Improve productivity and productivity (fifth place last year)

5. Implement marketing strategy (fourth place last year)

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