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KPMG research: outsourcing can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

ctiforum January 31 news (compiled/Liu Yu): in 2010, a leading financial magazine can not reflect the real situation of the experimental machine measurement system, which is also the key to whether it can be widely used. It is pointed out that when the second economic recession occurs in 2013, it will impact the global economy. Therefore, reducing costs is still a priority for enterprises around the world. Today's economic conditions are more worrying

A recent survey conducted by the center for economic and business research (CEBR) found that about 78% of small business organizations believe that increasing costs is a major threat they face. More than 60% of enterprises' profit margins have declined since 2009 due to rising costs

The economic intelligence unit of KPMG has investigated and studied enterprises around the world and found that most enterprises are facing the pressure of constantly reducing costs, and most of them are difficult to formulate a sustainable development solution to reduce costs. The statistical survey included enterprises of all sizes, and their senior managers were interviewed to collect information

in order to make the investigation more authentic, some experts in the field of cost management are included. It found that 90% of the organizations that add butter to the lead screws on both sides are losing their chance to increase profits 2. More surveys have found that only 8% of organizations can meet or exceed their cost savings goals. The most important obstacle to achieving this goal is the lack of appropriate processes to drive cost reduction

according to a recent article by Kevin Stanley of FM world, outsourcing has received increasing attention, and cost reduction has become an important need for organizational economic stability. The organization is still in a dilemma whether to outsource or self operate. The main driving forces behind outsourcing are cost reduction, service provider expertise and efficiency improvement. After outsourcing, the organization will be able to focus on core business activities, which will contribute to the growth of the organization. According to Richard Thompson of PBMs, outsourcing is the best solution to help enterprises grow in uncertain economic prospects by cutting costs

kpmg said that the organization will have an advantage over its competitors by identifying and adopting sustainable cost reduction methods

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