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Kraft paper improves the printing effect of self-adhesive trademark

kraft board is used for resin version of self-adhesive printing pad, with high hardness, strong toughness and sculptureability. As a self-adhesive printing consumables, it can significantly improve the quality of self-adhesive printing, avoid resin plate damage, and improve the cost performance grade of trademark printing machinery

classification of raw materials of kraft paperboard. 7. Power supply: 220V 50Hz as follows:

l. one of the self-adhesive printing processes, it can eliminate the error of the self-adhesive printer, buffer the inertia of mechanical movement, and fine tune the parallelism of the upper and lower worktables. As long as customers do it according to our standards, they will not show the operating state, shorten the adjustment time, and save the loss of self-adhesive materials. It is a good helper for the boot master

2eps plate sample: 5 100x100x50mm The resin plate is etched on kraft paper, which has a full spot effect, so that the quality of the printed matter can reach the ideal state, the gravure printing effect is more obvious, and it is easy to tear the layer

3. Make the printing coloring even, the handwriting full, eliminate the printing wax spots, the chromatic registration is accurate and fast, protect the resin plate, and prolong the service life. It is a necessary consumable for high-grade printing

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