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Kortec displays clear and transparent PP plastic cans

kortec's latest multi-layer co injection technology can provide clear and transparent PP plastic cans for food packaging. Kortec exhibited this new type of packaging at the 2014interpack International Packaging Exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is reported that the new technology can provide ideal alternative packaging for fruits, vegetables, soups, meat and other products. At the same time, compared with metal cans, this PP plastic can has many advantages. As an innovative co injection system supplier, kortec was acquired by Milacron at the beginning of this year

thus reducing plastic products will help to reduce the weight of cars and solve the pollution caused by waste water and exhaust gas. Compared with metal cans, this kind of klearcan multi-layer plastic cans has the characteristics of transparency. The cost of PC light transmission cover front lights is not competitive compared with glass cover front lights at present. From the perspective of sales, consumers can intuitively judge the quality of food through plastic cans. Moreover, unlike the feature that metal cans cannot be preserved once opened, new products can be sealed again after opening. The upper ball of the three-layer plastic is rotated and stacked by the main shaft (two layers of PP inside and outside, plus a layer of EVOH isolation layer), which can extend the shelf life to 5 years. It does not contain bisphenol A, and can provide a variety of colors, inner membrane labels or standard labels

in addition, the existing metal canning plants can easily switch to Klear can plastic cans without new investment in downstream equipment

"these plastic cans use the same filling, bonding, distillation and cooling systems as metal cans," said Russell Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing development at kortec. "For Canners and brands, there is no need to make major adjustments to existing facilities. We see this as our greatest advantage."

for consumers, the shape of this plastic can is very pleasing. "The feedback of the industry and consumers on this product is very enthusiastic." He said. Moreover, the new plastic cans also have another unexpected advantage: in some countries, people can recycle them as drinking cups. "They can cut off the metal edge of the plastic can and grind it flat for drinking water." Bennet said

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