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After entering the WTO, we should pay more attention to the safety of power system

because the power system penetrates into every corner of society and has a inextricable relationship with the people, the quality of system security is directly related to the stability and unity of society. Especially after joining the WTO, our power system should think about the past, the future, and what should we do now

with the entry into WTO, the public's requirements for our power system are further improved. How to further ensure the safety of electricity and deal with potential unsafe factors has become a new topic for our power system. According to the situation of the power system itself, the following measures can be taken:

1. We should improve and perfect the safety supervision system, enrich the safety supervisors, and strengthen the "safety production" and "safety and confidentiality" education of all employees; Do a good job in the safety management of the whole process of power production, construction, marketing and so on, and form a perfect top-down management system internally? quot; Safety supervision ".

2. Carefully implement safety technical measures and anti accident technical measures; take all necessary measures to effectively prevent accidents such as power system disintegration, stability damage and external force damage, strictly prevent large-scale power outages, and ensure the safe operation of electricity.

3. Strong measures should be taken to protect key targets. Security work should be strengthened for important power plants, substations, and transmission lines, and military or paramilitary protection should be taken when necessary.

4. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant local security agencies (such as security bureau, public security, armed police and other departments), jointly crack down on various terrorist activities that affect power safety, and protect power facilities

5. Establish an effective computer virus protection system and strictly control the safety of software and hardware. If possible, the equipment and its series products used in the power confidential information system should establish their own production enterprises to realize localization and serialization; The imported computer system can only be enabled after strict security inspection, so as to prevent and limit the opportunistic intrusion of computer viruses

6. Establish a perfect security protection organization for power information system. On the one hand, we should ensure the normal operation of the power information system, and implement strict control and management of the relevant command system, network control system, power automation control system and other software; On the other hand, we should closely cooperate with the public security department or other domestic full-time "anti computer virus" security institutions to step up the research on anti computer virus measures and improve the comprehensive protection ability of the power information system. Strengthen the construction of computer emergency response team. Set up the security support unit of power information system to solve the problems related to defensive information war

7. Where conditions permit, a professional and highly effective electromechanical control card should be established to generate the corresponding pulse frequency and pulse frequency change rate according to the instructions, which should be composed of all kinds of professional technicians? quot; The responsibility of the emergency commando team is to crack down on all kinds of terrorist activities endangering the safety of the power system, deal with all kinds of emergencies, repair the damaged equipment, and restore its safety in the shortest time, focusing on the production of new materials, new technologies, new equipment and new products.

8. Comprehensively promote and apply the "error free work law", and regularly carry out various "anti accident activities" "Exercise activities.

with the breaking of the monopoly of the power industry, the accession to the WTO, the further strengthening of internal and external exchanges in the power system, etc., it is easy to cause new loopholes in security management; as well as the international gap between the rich and the poor, social injustice, the rampant Anti China forces of some enemy agents, etc., can constitute or directly loosen the proximity switch to avoid triggering metal restart and regulating the potential terrorist activities of the mobile beam. Therefore, our power system must We must thoroughly reflect on our own safety work, take preventive measures, strive to implement various safety measures with our own characteristics, and strive to eliminate all potential factors affecting electrical safety in the bud; In order to "adapt to the new situation and meet new challenges", we can focus on a level that is usually easily ignored - automotive materials to ensure the safe, stable and economic operation of electricity, and contribute to the stable development of society

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