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Attention should be paid to the addition problem in the use of PS version trademark printing machine

offset printing indicators first need to solve the problem of adding angle. The so-called adding angle refers to the sharp angle of the included angle between the central line and the water zigzag experimental machine, which needs to stop in a stable movement. In monochrome printing, 45 degree adding angle is often used, and the visual effect is the best at this time. In multicolor overprint, moire fringes will be produced due to the regular superposition of points. The way to avoid the generation of moire fringes is to use the angle with the largest difference as far as possible for four-color printing film. Generally, the main tone of four-color printing is set at 45 degrees, and the angle difference of other colors is 30 degrees

in the process of using the universal tensile testing machine, people's observation center is mainly focused on the face, and they are very sensitive to the difference of face color and level. Magenta should be set as the main color. The increasing demand for air travel and the rising fuel price will ensure the demand for newer and more efficient aircraft. The plus angle is set to 45 degrees, and CMYK is taken as 15, 45, 90 and 75 in turn

for the manuscript based on scenery, the hue is mainly green. The angle of cyan should be set to 45 degrees to reveal the picture characteristics of the beautiful mountains and rivers of nature. The angle of other colors is arranged as follows: CMYK takes 45, 15, 90, 75 in turn. Although setting the additive angle of the main tone in this process helps to express the main features of the original, it is important to adopt an appropriate color sequence in printing. If the main color is not printed at a later position, the color of the post printing will cover it, which is caused by the opacity of the ink

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