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The weather is hot, and the self explosion of tempered glass should be paid attention to.

"the tempered glass door in my kitchen suddenly burst in the morning and broke a piece. What should we do before the sample test? The number of enterprises produced by NCA exceeds 15." Yesterday morning, Mr. He, a citizen, said that at about 7 a.m. that day, he and his wife were still asleep and suddenly woke up with a burst of clear glass cracking. Mr. He quickly got up to check and found that the tempered glass door of the kitchen was inexplicably bursting, and soon it was broken

"somehow, the glass door suddenly burst." Mr. He told him that after he got up, he found that the sound of broken glass came from the direction of the kitchen. He hurried to the kitchen and was stunned by the scene in front of him, which would be more effective. I saw several cracks extending around the tempered glass door. Mr. He just wanted to step closer and come forward to check. At this time, the glass door suddenly collapsed and the glass broke on the ground. "Broken glass is as big as corn kernels." Mr. He said

"tempered glass may self explode under certain conditions." In view of the problems encountered by Mr. He, I consulted Mr. Liu, a tempered glass operator in the urban area. Mr. Liu said that when tempered glass is produced and left the factory, a self explosion rate will be set, which is generally about 0.5%. In addition, when encountering a strong temperature difference, the humidity of tempered glass is also too high, which will weaken the grinding effect of polishing and is easy to self explode. In view of this situation of Mr. He, Mr. Liu analyzed that due to the high temperature during the day, when the air conditioner is opened at night, the tempered glass will suddenly be cold, and the sudden rainstorm in the morning and the temperature drop may be the reason for the self explosion of the tempered glass

at the same time, Mr. Liu reminded the public that when installing and using tempered glass products, it is best to stick an explosion-proof film on its surface. If it is used in building materials such as doors and windows, a certain margin should be left during installation. These measures can effectively prevent the self explosion of tempered glass. Zhonghua glass () Department

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