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Krones launched a new type of general packaging machine

Krones recently launched a brand that can plan a new modula from insqin's cooperative manufacturer. Langsheng, a German special chemicals company, recently announced that it will use reinforced nylon 66 to replace metal materials to manufacture air filtration systems for commercial vehicles. C general packaging machine. The machine is equipped with a newly developed rotocheck rotary full bottle detector, with a design speed of 40, 000 bottles per hour. It can detect the defects of the upper edge of the glass bottle with a minimum length of 0.5m. It can stretch, break, bend and other experiments on the steel wire rope, and directly remove the defective bottles

modulpac general packaging machine adopts intermittent operation, with a maximum speed of 25 revolutions per minute. The packaging container enters the basic module of the packaging machine at right angles to the machine axis. In addition to the linear carton transfer module, you can also customize the specific operation module according to the actual application needs. Various independent modules have successfully expanded the application functions provided by the packaging machine, and can be modified according to the needs of customers

in the aspect of machine maintenance, technicians can enter the complete user interface of the packaging machine through the data line to carry out all the operations that can be carried out by the operator with the touch screen, and can monitor remotely. The maintenance and modification work is more convenient

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