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Attention should be paid to the quality and safety of plastic tableware when exporting formaldehyde exceeding the standard

recently, South Korea found that the formaldehyde of synthetic resin chopsticks exported from China exceeded the standard during the sampling inspection of synthetic resin kitchen supplies. In order to maintain the reputation of "made in China" and the interests of Chinese enterprises, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded export enterprises to pay close attention to the quality and safety of plastic tableware

in recent years, plastic tableware has been loved by more and more foreign consumers because of its bright color, beautiful shape and low price, and has gradually developed into China's main export goods. Although the quality of plastic tableware has been greatly improved by strictly supervising the intersection of polyamide 66 (PA 66) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), the notification of such products still occurs frequently due to its huge total export volume, and the notification reasons are mainly concentrated in the product formaldehyde and the higher-level aromatic amine at the initial 90 ° angle

in contrast, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the relevant export enterprises: first, pay close attention to the quality standards and regulatory trends of the importing country, improve the awareness of export risks, strictly carry out product production and testing in accordance with the standards of the importing country, and try to resolve the hidden dangers of export safety; Second, strengthen the procurement management of raw materials, especially the procurement management of melamine, nylon, polycarbonate and other high-risk raw materials, and do not covet cheap use of raw materials that do not meet the quality standards and bury quality hidden dangers; Third, strengthen contact with the inspection and quarantine departments to seek technical and information support. Take the initiative to accept supervision, and each time commit a crime extremely quickly, consciously resist the behavior of escaping and missing inspection, and ensure the quality and safety of export products

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