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Korenix embedded computer jetb1 Within the range of room temperature 10 ° C ~ ⑶ 5 ° C, ox 8150 newly supports wes2009

China industrial control and industrial control information korenix embedded computer jetb equipment measurement problems are mainly caused by many problems in the measurement process. Ox 8150 newly supports wes2009-en operating system

korenix in the experimental process, the cololis (Beier Electronics Group) jetbox 8150 series Intel Atom based embedded computer newly supports wes2009-en embedded system, And support the latest Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 service PAC affects some vertical installation K1 functions, providing greater flexibility for industrial field software engineers. In addition, it also upgrades Windows media player to version 11, providing more functions for multimedia archives. Users can store wes2009 in the CF card or SATA hard disk of jetbox 8150 for plug and play. At present, the operating system only provides an English interface

jetbox 8150 is an industrial communication computer equipped with via Eden processor. It has 1GB DDRII ram system memory and built-in media processor to improve multimedia processing performance. Cororis industrial embedded computer is equipped with small design and rich interface integration, including RJ45 Ethernet port, RS-232 and rs-232/422/485 serial ports, USB, VGA and high-definition audio interfaces, and supports web server services, making jetbox 8150 the best front-end solution for various industrial network infrastructures. In order to make its deployment more flexible and improve its availability, jetbox 8150 also supports the fedora10 operating system of Windows XP and Linux. In addition to the above features, the colorys jetbox 8150 also has a rugged design that can resist vibration and impact, and supports a wide operating temperature of -15~70 C, making the jetbox 8150 series the best communication solution in harsh industrial environments

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