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How to ensure the transportation safety of liquefied gas railway tank cars

in order to ensure the safety of liquefied gas railway tank cars in the transportation process, timely eliminate the abnormal conditions in the transportation process, and reduce the damage of railway stations and along the line, liquefied gas railway tank cars must comply with the following regulations in the transportation process

first of all, only tank cars with confirmed filling records and complete tank car transportation handover documents can the relevant units handle the consignment procedures. In addition, during the transportation of liquefied gas tank cars, because the flexible packaging materials are mainly high-molecular polymers or its related materials, two escorts must be sent to supervise. The escorts must be familiar with the physical and chemical properties and protection methods of the products they contain, and can deal with them in time in case of abnormalities. Escorts must be selected from those who have passed the safety technical examination of the enterprise, and escorts can only be allowed after the enterprise security department issues an escort license after examination. The duties of the escort are: when performing the escort task, they should stick to their posts, and must not leave or miss their posts halfway. They must escort the whole journey. If the stopover time is long, it should be monitored; When performing tasks, the escort must wear sufficient protective articles, maintenance tools and spare parts; When the tank car stops at the station, the supercargo shall check the tank car and its accessories, carefully record the temperature and pressure changes, and timely fill in the tank car operation record. After the tank car arrives at the user, the escort shall go through the handover and acceptance procedures with the user before leaving the car and returning to the factory

according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of railways, the tank cars filled with toxic media should be hung and transported in priority in each marshalling station during transportation, so as to shorten the stop time at the station. The train with liquefied gas tank cars should be hung with a guard car, so that the escort personnel can perform the escort task

escorts should carry protective equipment and necessary maintenance tools. In case of leakage halfway, they should actively deal with it to avoid the expansion of the situation. If they can't deal with it, they should immediately contact the railway department and relevant enterprises to solve the current main problems

in case of serious leakage, the railway department and the escort personnel should report to the local government, public security and other departments in time, organize rescue, and ship flammable media. This kind of plastic granulator equipment is a customized small panel control system. The environmental pollution is very serious, and the surrounding fire source should be cut off immediately; Set up a warning area according to the degree of leakage, organize the evacuation of the population in the upwind direction, and minimize casualties or property losses. The production and use units of liquefied gas shall establish contact with the railway department under the coordination and organization of the local government, so that accidents can be handled in a timely and effective manner

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