How to establish differentiated service strategy

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How to establish differentiated service strategy

with the increasingly fierce market competition, the products, services and means of competition among competitors are becoming more and more homogeneous. The purchase form, purchase characteristics, purchase psychology and industrial environment of the inherent customer group have been hit unprecedentedly. Customers have a stronger awareness of receiving services, and have higher and higher requirements for services. The existing traditional marketing concepts, marketing models, marketing strategies Marketing elements and marketing management methods have undergone great changes, and conform to their changes and updates. The outstanding performance is that enterprises not only need to maintain a good service attitude to meet customers, but also need to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of dealing with problems. This means that enterprises should not only provide a service window representing a good image, but also integrate internal resources, provide reliable support, and ensure corporate reputation and service quality in order to effectively obtain customer satisfaction

for most enterprises, what customers care most is that they can buy and enjoy products and services of the same quality at any time in the place they want to buy. However, in addition to some basic requirements, customers in different regions and target markets may have different needs in product use, after-sales service, etc., especially in markets with large regional cultural differences, this difference in products and services activates the diversity of various steel trade services. Because of this, enterprises must take into account the differences of customers when formulating customer service strategies. Only on the basis of these differences, for different market structures, different customer objects, according to the environment, their own goals, the situation of competitors and other factors, can enterprises formulate a successful customer service strategy, Therefore, a new customer-oriented marketing model - differentiated service strategy came into being

first, what is differentiated service strategy

differentiated service strategy mainly includes the following aspects of marketing innovation ideas in connotation:

in the composition of marketing strategy, it integrates image marketing, concept marketing, relationship marketing, service marketing, information marketing and other marketing models

in terms of management mode, it is an interactive management mode combining parallel communication from the outside to the inside and short horizontal vertical management from the top to the bottom

in terms of implementation and operation, implement the project operation system for specific customer groups

in terms of organizational structure, in addition to the original marketing departments (such as marketing department, planning department, sales department, public relations promotion department, customer service department and other marketing departments), we must focus on the construction of information and information departments, training departments, and adopt process management to conform to their new marketing ideas

therefore, the differentiated service strategy is that the enterprise uses new knowledge and new methods to integrate and allocate all resources in the enterprise, designs the management system of the enterprise in many aspects, such as scientific and technological power, capital power, productivity, cultural power, organizational power, etc., and realizes the unification, rationalization, standardization and standardization of the organizational concept, behavior, products, services and all perceptible images, so that it can be recognized, identified The basis for evaluating the final service quality of an enterprise is a powerful means to promote potential customers to buy enterprise products, cultivate customer loyalty, and win customers in operation and competition. It is a business strategy system for enterprises to shape core competitiveness and communicate with each other internally and externally

II. Steps of establishing differentiated service strategy

establishing differentiated service strategy is facilitated by five postponed and closed-loop steps: understanding customer needs, designing value positioning, product solutions, formulating detailed customer group product solutions, implementing product solutions, and formulating communication plans. Establish the design process of customer differentiated service scheme

1. Understand customer needs

successful customer service is an important part of enterprise strategic planning, and even makes it a part of enterprise culture, which helps enterprises successfully achieve sales goals, increase customer retention and increase return on investment. In order to successfully implement the established differentiated service strategy, enterprises must be very clear about the expectations and needs of each customer segment, and deeply understand and grasp the expectations and needs of customers. The methods that enterprises can adopt include:

establish various forms of regular communication with major customer groups in the form of interviews, visits, meetings and so on

carry out interactive discussions with major customer groups in the form of seminars, customer friendships, etc., to ensure that we understand the deep connotation of customer needs

observe and understand how major customer groups use products and services

record the specific performance of each market, customer or segment

share all relevant information with the company's sales personnel, production personnel and customer service personnel, which will help n; Strengthen customer service

2. Design value positioning, product solutions

in order to successfully implement the differentiated service strategy, enterprises need to carefully analyze customers, customer groups and major target markets, and find out the areas where enterprises can improve in terms of product/service portfolio and customer needs through the analysis of the above groups. The ultimate purpose of this is to strive to continuously exceed customer expectations in the process of dealing with customers

in a competitive market, customers' needs may continue to escalate - customers will continue to generate new product and service needs. Enterprises are unlikely to meet the needs of all customers, but enterprises can focus on their own advantageous areas and design value positioning and product solutions according to customers' conditions, competition conditions and their own resources

3. Formulate detailed product solutions for customer groups

enterprises should maintain sufficient flexibility and be able to respond quickly, which is the basic condition to ensure the continuous growth of performance. In order to continuously improve customer service level, we must formulate detailed product and service solutions for specific customer groups, so as to fully mobilize our resources to meet the various needs of the customer group anytime, anywhere

4. Implement product solutions

when introducing new products and services, enterprises must maintain adaptability to the needs of the market and customers in order to cultivate and promote the prosperity and development of the market. Enterprises should not only adapt to the needs and changes of the target market by adjusting the combination of products and services, but also make the customer service organization of enterprises adapt to the needs and changes of the target market. Usually, the enterprise will arrange relevant people in its own customer service organization. Dongli PPS Composite material market share is expected to reach 30%, and the staff will play the role of market experts. Through these personnel, the enterprise can maintain sufficient adaptability in the market, so as to ensure that it can continue to provide high-quality service projects for its target customers

in order to establish a successful customer service organization, enterprises need not only to cultivate professional service personnel within the enterprise, but also to establish business alliances with sales channels and assist in training the marketing, sales and customer service personnel of these external institutions

in order to create value and increase customer retention, providing customers with specific, consistent, reliable and measurable products and services has become the core. These products and services specifically include: high-quality products or services; Accurate and timely delivery; Products/services that exceed customer expectations without increasing costs; Professional and skilled backstage support personnel and problem solving personnel; Targeted training or specific instructions

5. Formulate a communication plan

enterprises must continue to pay attention to the needs and expectations of customers, find out the specific needs or changing trends of customers before competitors, pay attention to customers' opinions and feedback, and effectively improve their customer service work. Therefore, enterprises need to formulate an effective communication plan. Through the implementation of the communication plan, try to get close to customers, collect intelligence, provide suggestions, summarize experience, feedback information, keep close contact with customers, promote sales, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

III. remove obstacles in the process of differentiated service strategy

to remove obstacles in the process of differentiated service strategy, integrate all beneficial resources at the decision-making, organization and implementation levels in the marketing process, so that the overall service will develop from piecemeal to the differentiated service strategy of overall planning and intensive cultivation, and effectively grasp all necessary factors that play a key role in the service process, To establish a practical and feasible differentiated service strategic direction, give play to the maximum interaction and communication role of differentiated service strategy in the organization and customers, and achieve the expected service effect, we should effectively grasp the following six necessary factors to support the smooth implementation of differentiated service strategy and play a key role:

1. Differentiated service strategy must be carried out from the top to the bottom

no matter what the structure of the enterprise or its business form, The strategic plan of differentiated services must be implemented by the top management and penetrate into the whole enterprise, rather than from the middle or grass-roots level. Top down direction and leadership are very important. The top executive must actively support the plan of differentiated service strategy and remove obstacles, which means not only financial support, but also active support in a guiding, raising, or even encouraging way, so that every employee can clearly understand the importance of differentiated service strategy

2. The interaction between flat vertical management and parallel communication

vertical management can make the task release and decision execution, and maintain the inherent rapid response and consistency. At the same time, the flat management mode reduces unnecessary links in the management process, and avoids the management or executive level from wrangling with each other, so as not to delay the fighter. While implementing the flat vertical management, the parallel communication within the organization will organically integrate the ideas of the decision-making level and the thinking of the executive level, produce the resultant force of interactive communication, coordinate and coordinate, and integrate effective resources through brainstorming and the sharing of marketing ideas, so that the differentiated service strategy has the greatest competitiveness and coverage

3. Customer oriented marketing

differentiated service strategy in order to operate effectively, we must pay attention to customers in a timely manner, care about consumers at all levels anytime and anywhere, and absorb relevant information, so as to understand and meet customer needs, and obtain high-quality customer base, not limited to manufacturing products or providing services. In other words, it must make its marketing plan more responsive to the needs of customers. More importantly, we must follow the enterprise's philosophy: to meet the needs of customers, which is a necessary condition for the success of differentiated service strategy

in fact, differentiated service strategy must become a practical and effective competitive advantage to enable enterprises to continue to survive in the market. This requires the top management and executive levels to adopt new ways of thinking and have new ideas about service culture

4. Differentiated service strategic activities must be controlled by the "central government"

centralized or merged marketing functions are necessary. Only enterprises controlled by the "central government" can have forward-looking marketing plans and complete strategies, and only these plans and strategies can make the brands established by enterprises stand firm in the market

the function of differentiated service strategy must be mastered by the top leaders in different industries of the enterprise who are expanding their own fields, and it must be regarded as the main activity, just like finance or other functions of the enterprise. plan

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