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How to ensure the efficient performance of downhole and underwater electrical plastic connectors

recently, onesubsea, a supplier of subsea oil well control solutions, used victrexpeek to manufacture a series of efficient diamond connectors, providing a good guarantee for downhole and underwater electrical connectors. As a high-performance thermoplastic material, victrexpeek maintains its due performance even in adverse environments, so that the connector can adapt to wellhead and downhole applications in deep water and high pressure and high temperature (HPHT)

the carbon business department organized technicians to study the baking experience of the open baking furnace of relevant enterprises

the diamond connector developed and produced by onesubsea has wet plugging ability, and does not affect the integrity of operation. Thanks to the excellent insulation and long-term reliability of victrexpeek, its rated underwater service depth can reach 3000 meters. The material has excellent resistance to acid gas and key chemicals specified by customers, which can reduce downtime and avoid costly downtime or loss of important data. In addition, cost savings can be achieved by optimizing processing and molding equipment

in addition to ensuring performance in deep water and HPHT conditions, victrexpeek polymers also help engineers make more rational designs. Garetheccles, a molding technology expert at onesubsea, said that the purity and strength of the material can allow thinner thin-walled sections to be designed in more compact connectors, and can perform well even in narrow spaces

it is reported that using victrexpeek polymer, onesubsea connector (depending on the selected material) has been able to conduct tensile strength tests at temperatures and pressures up to 150 ° C (302 ° f) and 103v belts respectively. How are samples taken Operate under the condition of 5MPa (15000psi). The plug produced by the company is still in an important strategic opportunity period of development, which can withstand typical oil and gas industry fluids, including seawater, mineral oil and silicone oil, as well as hydraulic fluids, and is also applicable to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) acid gas wells

environmental conditions:

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