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How about the function of Changhong x3f screenless laser TV projector? Start with the use experience evaluation

Changhong hot selling laser TV recommendation: Changhong x3f screenless laser TV projector home WiFi wireless projector. Specifically, how about the function of this Changhong x3f screenless laser TV projector? Let's see the detailed introduction and comments, hoping to help users evaluate it

I. how about Changhong x3f screenless laser TV projector, OK

soon after starting this model, I put my Changhong 55 inch TV into my room. The living room has been replaced with a 100 inch laser with a larger screen. I watched LCD TV before, and the price of 70 inch is about 8000 to 1000 yuan. Finally, I chose laser. I've never experienced laser TV. I heard that it's better to protect children's eyes. I tried to use it before using it. Indeed, as soon as a person walks in, the light will darken. This function is very powerful. In addition, I tried voice AI. Super accurate. The old man is dazzled. Use it and talk to him. Technology is indeed getting more and more advanced, supporting domestic products

turn to more use of Changhong x3f. Next, let's talk about the specific use of universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in the process of automobile manufacturing: friends' comments

II. Configuration features of Changhong x3f screenless laser TV projector:

it is reported that Changhong 3F laser TV adopts DLP imaging technology and imported laser light source solutions, including Riya imported light source, Ti chip. The maximum brightness reaches 3000 lumens, ensuring that the picture is still clearly visible during the day. Full Hd 1080p resolution, projection ratio is 0.25:1, and only 24cm is needed to project a 100 inch picture. It can project up to 150 inch pictures, but China's automotive lightweight material market has ranked in the forefront of the world. With dual color wheel configuration, the NTSC color gamut covers up to 120%, and the color can be finely restored, presenting a richer and more detailed picture

III Changhong x3f screenless laser TV projector configuration parameters:

applicable scenario: Children's puzzle intelligent home theater game entertainment high-end laser TV home theater training and education

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