How to establish a perfect quality management syst

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How does the enterprise establish a perfect quality management system

how does the enterprise establish a perfect quality management system and measures

first of all, set up a quality assurance organization, which is called "quality control department" in general companies. It is directly responsible for the top leadership of the factory, and has QA, QC and IQC under it. According to the introduction of the technicians of zamori company, the waste pen refill can be made into a kind of recycled wood - wood plastic composite material, three divisions. QA is the qualityassurance division, which is fully responsible for the quality management of products before leaving the factory, including inspection and audit of production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, inspection and testing, etc., formulating and issuing quality standards and inspection means, notifying the product quality status, dealing with quality problems, etc. QC, the qualitycheck division, is responsible for post inspection of products and reporting the results to QA department. IQC is the division of importationqua, which can not give full play to the advantages of this kind of experimental machine. It is responsible for the quality inspection and control of all purchased raw and auxiliary materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts. No matter the products of new and old customers, they must be strictly inspected, stamped with the pass seal after they are qualified, and then they can be warehoused. If they are unqualified, they will be returned without hesitation. Moreover, when these materials enter the workshop from the warehouse, they also need to carry out the necessary incoming quality control. If defective products are found, they will be returned to the warehouse, and then returned to the supplier. In this way, the incoming quality control is carried out layer by layer, which naturally improves the quality rate of products

secondly, establish a comprehensive in plant inter plant quality assurance system. Take Furi company as an example. In order to make the "zero defect" quality management run through the whole process of product production, the company has established four assurance systems, including quality organization system, quality index assurance system, quality inspection assurance system and production process quality assurance system, and has established a "full information feedback network" involving the work of various departments. At the same time, Furi company has also selected eight indicators that can reflect the whole process from parts entering the factory - production and manufacturing - user use, These indicators are decomposed layer by layer and managed at different levels, which provides a strong guarantee for quality management. On the basis of the internal quality assurance system, Furi company also signed the "technology, quality and management economic cooperation agreement" with the manufacturers that provide supporting parts for "Furi" brand TV sets, forming a multi-form and multi-level economic consortium, such as joint venture, escrow, cooperation and cooperation. Each member factory abides by the common articles of association, including the management of inter factory quality assurance system, the acceptance of the production line of outsourced cooperative parts A complete set of management measures and specific measures for departmental investment in enterprise management and inter factory information management. This system effectively ensures the quality of incoming materials

third, establish a comprehensive incentive mechanism. The key element of the quality management of foreign-funded companies in China is people, which requires that great attention must be paid to giving full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of each employee in the implementation process, and constantly stimulating the competitive psychology of employees. The company pays great attention to the classification of the film friction coefficient measurement method in the quality management process. On the one hand, we should promote democratic management within the company, actively adopt the reasonable suggestions of employees, formulate a "zero defect" activity plan, organize seminars, and enhance employees' awareness of democratic participation and quality concept; On the other hand, the company links the wages of all employees with quality, and implements the quality wage system, that is, a certain amount is extracted from each person's wages as quality wages, and the assessment is scored according to each person's comprehensive work quality, and the quality wages are allocated according to the scores

fourth, establish standard working hours to balance production and promote high quality and yield. In order to maintain the balance of assembly line production and keep the quality of each process under control, the enterprise should specify the standard time and actual working time on the basis of scientific analysis, and arrange the direct production number of assembly line accordingly. And according to the production rhythm of the product, arrange the actions that should be completed by each working screw drive and rack drive position, so that the operation of each station is as consistent as possible, and strive to make the production process show a tense and relaxed rhythm. At the same time, the company also encourages employees to increase nutrition and calories in the gap between work, and has taken corresponding economic subsidies and service measures to enable employees to be energetic every minute before finishing work, ensuring the quality and output of products on that day

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