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How to ensure the stability of the traveling crane during operation

the most serious accident of the traveling crane is "overturning". The root cause of the "rollover" accident is the loss of stability. The stability of traveling crane is divided into driving state stability and working state stability

driving state stability refers to the stable state of the vehicle in the process of domestic operation. When the vehicle is moving forward, if the road slope is large, the crane will lose control when climbing, resulting in zero wheel pressure of the front wheels, or the steering system will lose control. Or the vehicle will not climb and slip. 3. Losing control of the crane when the experiment is not done for a long time is called losing longitudinal driving stability. When the car turns, if the driving speed is too fast, it is easy to overturn, and lateral sliding may also occur, which is called the loss of lateral driving stability. Both of these driving instability phenomena are dangerous. For this reason, do not climb the slope forcibly during operation, and do not drive too fast when turning, so as to ensure the driving stability of the crane

the stability of working state is expressed by the stability safety factor. If only the gravity and external load of the machine are considered, its stability safety factor k=1.4. is called static stability. When considering wind force, slope, 7 The stability safety factor k1.1 has better physical properties and dimensional stability. 5. It is called dynamic stability

the stability of truck crane is also different regardless of its lifting direction. Generally, the rear stability is good. The lateral stability and front stability are poor. That is, rear stability, lateral stability, front stability

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