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How can Huawei cloud conferences ensure security

after the conference system was moved to the cloud, the security of conference use has become the focus of users' attention. How secure is the cloud meeting but a personalized and customized space? Let's understand how Huawei cloud conferencing provides you with safe and reliable conference services under the four-layer protection mechanism of business, management, network and terminal

business security

Huawei cloud conference Tongmu plastic floor provides security assurance for the tensile experiment of your conference business on steel through business data encryption transmission, business access authentication, fine-grained business permission control, business data access control, dynamic control of business interaction and other mechanisms

management security

Huawei cloud conference ensures the security of management traffic transmission and access through security management protocols and security management mechanisms, effectively avoiding the eavesdropping of sensitive information in management traffic and preventing malicious attacks on important management information

network security

Huawei cloud conference divides network security domains, isolates and controls external business data, and effectively prevents malicious acts from external untrusted domains

access security

Huawei cloud conference authenticates and encrypts all access side services while being used for fatigue experiments of composite volumes

Huawei cloud conference carries out security design from three levels: cloud, management and end. The business system and management system constitute the cloud of cloud management end. The IP network platform carrying cloud conference services constitutes the management of cloud management end, that is, network security domain, network boundary protection and other network security. Various conference terminals are used to form the end of the cloud tube end. Ensure the security and reliability of cloud Conference business from the three layers of cloud, management and end, and escort your conference business

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