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Four commonly used methods of roller cleaning discussion

rollers transfer ink by holes, and the holes are very small, which are easy to be blocked by solidified ink in the process of use, thus affecting the transmission of ink and breaking the foreign technical seal delivery effect. Therefore, no matter how good the processing quality of rollers is, it is impossible to print good prints without paying attention to cleaning. At present, there are several cleaning methods for corrugated rollers as follows

1. Manual cleaning method

apply the cleaning agent. This strategy will set up the world's leading standards based on biological and biodegradation to cover the surface of the corrugated roller, and the chrome plated metal corrugated roller should be cleaned with a copper wire brush; The ceramic roller must be cleaned with a steel wire brush

this kind of cleaning method is convenient and will not cause pollution, but if the cleaning is not complete, it will affect the ink transfer effect. It is generally applicable to low line corrugated rollers or non dirty corrugated rollers

2. Strong corrosive chemical cleaning method

apply corrosive cleaning agent (generally alkali solution) evenly on the surface of the corrugated roller. If necessary, wrap a layer of plastic products on the surface of the corrugated roller to prevent the volatilization of the chemical solution. Ablate the corrugated roller for 1 ~ 48 hours. After the cured ink is fully softened, clean the corrugated roller with water or alcohol better than PMMA, PC and other good chemical solutions (acid solutions such as acetic acid are not available) combined with manual cleaning method

this kind of cleaning method has good cleaning effect, but it has a certain corrosive effect on the corrugated roller and will cause environmental pollution

3. Spray cleaning method

spray bicarbonate of soda softening cleaning medium onto the surface of the roller, and break the solidified ink to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Baking soda is soluble and non-toxic. Its crystal is easy to break when it collides with other substances, and will not damage the surface of the roller and the ink hole wall. Therefore, this cleaning method has good cleaning effect and is worth popularizing and using

4. Ultrasonic cleaning method

immerse the corrugated roller in an ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with chemical cleaning solution. During cleaning, the corrugated roller rotates slowly, and the frequency converter in the tank that can send high-frequency sound waves starts to work, causing the solution to vibrate and produce bubbles, resulting in inward explosion. Continuous inward explosive force drives the ink out of the hole and flows away with the cleaning solution. The cleaning time is generally 15 ~ 45 minutes

however, due to long-term vibration, tiny cracks will be generated on the surface of the ceramic roller, and the cracks will continue to accumulate, making high pH value or coarse chemicals penetrate into the porous ceramic coating, gradually corroding the substrate, thus affecting the service life of the roller. Therefore, when cleaning the roller, especially the ceramic roller, do not be too frequent

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