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Discussion on the future development of China's paper industry in the new historical stage

the paper industry in New China has gone through a glorious course of 60 years, especially the achievements made in the vigorous development in the past 30 years of reform and opening up. This is the result of the hard work of several generations of paper industry people in China. A modern Chinese paper industry is rising, which is worthy of our pride. In the years of the development of China's paper industry, there are many valuable experiences that deserve our careful summary. In particular, before the reform and opening up, China's paper industry has gone through twists and turns for three decades, and the lessons of the decline and decline of many enterprises that have made contributions to China in the three decades after the reform and opening up also need to be remembered

China's paper industry has reached its peak and has begun to enter a new historical stage. On the good foundation that has been laid, under the new situation of domestic and international economic situation and changes in the paper market, at the moment when the country is organizing the preparation of the 12th Five Year Plan, it is necessary to update our thinking and ideas, comprehensively think about and explore the future development of China's paper industry

1Research and build a green path for the development of China's paper industry with Chinese characteristics

at the China paper industry green development forum hosted by the China Paper Association and the China paper society on September 21, 2009, 34 advanced domestic paper enterprises jointly issued the Declaration on consciously fulfilling the social environment and realizing green development. This paper comprehensively expounds the necessity of taking the road of circular economy in the paper industry. It is of far-reaching significance to make a solemn commitment to consciously fulfill the social environment, achieve green development, and propose that all enterprises in the paper industry act together. We warmly support it

striving to build a green Chinese paper industry with Chinese characteristics will be the road of sustainable and scientific development of China's paper industry. As our general strategic goal, we have reached a consensus to build an environment-friendly, resource-saving and new-type industrialization of modern China's green paper industry [2]. The author believes that the urgent task is to guide and arouse the whole industry to study and explore the development road of green paper industry suitable for China's national conditions with a broader and long-term vision, and work together to speed up and truly realize the general goal of green paper industry

2 study and formulate the development strategy of China's paper industry for the next period

China's paper industry has entered a new historical stage of strategic transformation. Qian Guijing, chairman of China Paper Association, made a speech at the 30th anniversary commemoration conference of the founding of China paper industry, proposing that the paper industry should pay close attention to the study of the development strategy of green paper industry. The author believes that our industry should study and all enterprises should also study and formulate the development strategy of green paper industry to guide us forward. Proceeding from our national conditions, taking the scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, taking the national policy of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as the leading factor, and based on the thinking and concept of cleaner production, circular economy, and scientific and technological innovation, which will reduce the output of vanadium slag by about 21%, protect the ecological environment, produce green products, and meet market demand. Under the guidance of the overall strategic objectives of the whole industry, To explore how we move towards the scientific development path of new industrialized green paper industry with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to formulate clear development strategic guidelines, objectives and specific strategic measures in order to point out the development direction for the next period and truly promote the smooth progress of China's paper industry towards new industrialization and modernization

3 accelerating structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and changing the mode of economic growth are the primary tasks

China is already a large papermaking country, but it is not a strong papermaking country. At present, the development of China's traditional paper industry is basically based on the traditional extensive business model, relying on high consumption, high investment and high pollution in exchange for its high speed of development, which will seriously restrict the sustainable development of China's paper industry in the future. The Cleaner Production Promotion Law promulgated by the state in 2002 is a new environmental protection and development strategy. In view of the fact that in addition to some newly-built and expanded paper-making enterprises in China can reach and approach the world's advanced level, on the whole, many medium and small paper-making enterprises are relatively backward in technology, outdated in equipment, and the sensor failure of fatigue testing machine, the most important and common reason for the problem is the overload of experimental force, resulting in high energy and resource consumption and serious pollution. Therefore, energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction, It is an inevitable choice for the future sustainable development of China's paper industry to prevent and control pollution at the source, promote cleaner production, implement scientific and technological innovation, take the road of circular economy, build a green paper industry, and implement a production mode that is unified with environmental protection and ecological balance

in the new stage of history, our primary task is to take the strategic policy of accelerating structural adjustment and transforming the mode of economic growth proposed by the central government as the focus of China's paper industry in the future. The key to building a green paper industry is structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. In the strategic objectives, we should clearly put forward requirements and specify the focus of our industry structural adjustment. Of course, the focus of structural adjustment of various enterprises is different, but we should formulate corresponding practical measures to effectively and gradually implement some deep-seated major contradictions in China's paper industry

what speed should China's paper industry develop in the future? In the past, we all generally recognized that the growth rate of the paper industry was synchronized with the national economic development, and the per capita level of our country was still very low. Compared with the world's paper-making developed countries, it was still far from good. We even thought that the future development of China's paper industry would accompany the rapid development of China's national economy and continue to keep pace with the development of the national economy. For a long time to come, due to the special national conditions, the country must still ensure a certain economic growth rate. However, from the specific situation of our paper industry, in the 12th Five Year Plan and a long period in the future, limited to the constraints of resources, funds, market demand and other factors, when the market demand has been basically met, the growth rate of our paper industry does not have to be synchronized with the national economic growth, We should be practical and realistic, and no longer emphasize the excessive increase of volume. In the "analysis of the production and marketing of China's paper industry in 2009" by the China Paper Association, from the actual situation in 2009, the growth rate has begun to slow down. According to the production of domestic paper industry, the supply of paper raw materials and the trend of domestic and foreign paper market, the author believes that in the future, as long as we maintain steady growth. We must shift the focus of papermaking development to the primary task of restructuring, industrial upgrading and transforming the mode of economic growth as soon as possible

4 vigorously publicize the role of the paper industry in the development of China's national economy

the national paper industry development policy clearly states that China's paper industry is an important basic raw material industry closely related to the development of the national economy and social undertakings; It has large relevance and market capacity, and is an important force to drive the development of forestry, agriculture, chemical industry, printing, packaging, machinery manufacturing and other industries; Papermaking industry is an important industry with sustainable development characteristics in China's national economy, which takes raw plant fibers such as wood, bamboo, reed and recycled fibers such as waste paper as raw materials, and can partially replace non renewable resources such as plastics, steel, non-ferrous metals

now some provinces and districts in China recognize the importance of the paper industry in national economic and social development, so they vigorously develop the paper industry and treat the paper industry as a pillar industry, thus driving the all-round economic development and achieving remarkable results. However, some places originally have good conditions and resources, but they believe that the paper industry has a small proportion of output value, high pollution and energy consumption, and heavy tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction in the local economic development, so they do not pay enough attention to the development of paper industry. Therefore, we have vigorously publicized to eliminate and change the negative understanding and misunderstanding of our paper industry in the society

5 it is a fact that the paper industry is no longer a polluting industry and the paper industry is no longer a large water consumer

it is a fact that the traditional paper industry is a large polluter in the industry. In the 1960s, the foreign paper industry also caused serious environmental pollution. However, since the late 1960s, due to the effectiveness of the research and development of pulp and paper pollution control technology, especially taking the road of circular economy, the modern paper industry has achieved cleaner production. However, China's paper industry is a major consumer of energy and water, and has caused serious environmental pollution, which is caused by historical reasons. In particular, due to the shortage of raw materials for papermaking in China, the raw materials for papermaking are mainly grass. In addition, many paper mills lack funds. Many small straw pulp mills are small-scale, backward in equipment, and there are no pollution control measures. Therefore, they have caused serious damage to the ecological environment. However, in recent years, a large number of modern pulp and paper mills have been built and rebuilt, with new technology and equipment, good management, a large amount of money invested in environmental protection, sound pollution control measures, and cleaner production. The situation is very different. The wastewater and COD emission indicators of these enterprises are much lower than the national standards, and even exceed the world level. With the help of scientific research units and the efforts of enterprise comrades, some small and medium-sized paper mills have taken technical measures to prevent the discharge of wastewater. All wastewater in the production of paper mills is closed and recycled, and good environmental, economic and social benefits have been achieved

many paper-making enterprises do not have pollution problems, which has been recognized by the society at present. Many small straw pulp enterprises have been eliminated and shut down by the state due to serious pollution. In 2002, zoujiahua, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress, once pointed out during a discussion with the scientific and technological personnel of the China pulp and paper research institute that he hoped to have a broad idea of research work, technological innovation and breakthrough in solving the pollution problem of pulping with non wood fiber raw materials [3]. Fortunately, in recent years, many domestic scientific research institutions and scientific and technological workers have conscientiously implemented the National Cleaner Production Promotion Law in the scientific spirit of independent innovation. In particular, some innovative technologies are prevented and controlled from the source, breaking through the traditional stereotypes and outdated concepts of papermaking, changing the traditional chemical pulping process route, and carrying out innovative new pollution-free pulping technologies for straw fiber raw materials Development, test and research of new processes and equipment. It is known that more than ten kinds of new technologies for clean pulping of grass raw materials with different types and characteristics have been developed in China. They have been applied for and approved by the state for invention patents, and have successively passed the review and appraisal of the national science and technology department and been recognized by the national environmental protection department. With the approval of the local government, some new technologies have been adopted in paper-making enterprises of different scales, realizing continuous, industrialized and industrialized production, with remarkable economic and environmental benefits

long Yongtu, Secretary General of the Boao Forum for Asia, pointed out in a speech at a meeting: there is no polluting industry, only polluting technology, pollution management and system. In the past, China's paper industry was a major polluter, but now we are changing. Therefore, our comrades in the paper industry should cry out with objective facts that the modern paper industry is not a polluting industry, so as to change people's views and stereotypes about the paper industry in society

in the past, the traditional paper industry used a lot of water and was a large water user. At present, the new large paper-making enterprises use less water, that is, the general paper-making enterprises take the road of circular economy, use advanced science and technology, and use closed production water

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