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Discussion on mold shutter and the advantages of magnetic mold shutter

all along, in the process of mold making, it is difficult to accurately determine the shrinkage rate because urethane hydrogel has the advantages of hydrogel and polyurethane, mechanical shutter and nylon shutter are widely used in fixed mold template and moving mold template, and mechanical shutter mainly relies on the elastic force of spring to lock the mold to control the opening sequence of three plate mold; The nylon shutter mainly depends on the friction of nylon itself to control the development of three plate friction and wear testing machine. This paper introduces the mold opening sequence of the mold itself; Its manufacturing process is complex, processing time is long, accuracy requirements are very high, stability is not strong, and service life is short

we can see the specific problems of mechanical shutter and nylon shutter through table 1

in order to better solve the problems brought by mechanical shutter and nylon shutter to mold manufacturers, and at the request of some mold manufacturers, Dongguan Humen Yiyi machinery factory has recently developed a magnetic shutter. Table 1 disadvantages of mechanical shutter and nylon shutter

magnetic shutter is the first in China. Two lock modules are mainly made of special permanent magnetic materials. When opening the three plate mold, first, the two lock modules rely on their own pure permanent magnetic force to pull together, so that the fixed mold template and the moving mold template temporarily do not move. When the fixed mold base plate and the channel push plate reach the limit position successively, finally, the fixed mold template and the moving mold template are separated by relying on the system tension exceeding the magnetic limit of the magnetic shutter, so as to achieve the sequence of opening the mold successively. When the magnetic force of the magnetic shutter is to be adjusted, the required magnetic force can be achieved by opening the gap between the two clamping speeds

the performance of this product with similar specifications is better than that of similar foreign products, and the installation is simpler, faster and more convenient. It only needs to be installed on the side of the fixed mold template and the moving mold template, without accuracy requirements, and it does not need to be processed on the surface of the fixed mold template and the moving mold template, which shortens the manufacturing cycle of the mold and has no impact on the accuracy of the mold

the magnetic shutter has good temperature resistance and is not affected by the temperature rise and fall. Permanent magnetic mode locking, free from external interference, better performance. Its service life is long, and it does not need to be replaced. The magnetic force attenuation does not exceed 1% within five years. The tension adjustment is extremely simple. The relationship between its magnetic force and gap is shown in Figure 1

Fig. 1 Relationship between magnetic force and clearance

in addition, there is another biggest feature. The magnetic shutter is an environmental protection product, which is convenient for loading and unloading. A set of magnetic shutter can be used in different molds for recycling. True figure 1 the relationship between magnetic force and gap is playing a role in saving resources and environmental protection. Compared with mechanical shutter and nylon shutter, it is a mode locking product with better cost performance

since its launch, this product has been strongly supported and promoted by many large mold manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan, Shenzhen and the mainland, and has been recognized by the industry. Many mold manufacturing enterprises have switched to this new product when producing three plate molds and have given a high evaluation. Table 2 Comparison of desirable magnetic mode locking device with similar foreign products


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