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Green packaging (I)

green packaging is the good wish of the majority of consumers, and has become one of the most commonly discussed fashion topics. However, since there is no clear definition of green packaging so far, the concept of green packaging in many people's minds is still quite vague: packaging is harmless to human body, which is green packaging; The packaging has good adaptability to the environment and is green packaging; Packaging can save resources. It is green packaging... Different people have different opinions, and different people have different opinions. Although all the above statements have some truth, they are all one-sided; Strictly speaking, it is not accurate. If we do not have a relatively unified and complete understanding of green packaging, it will be very detrimental to promoting green packaging. On the basis of understanding and synthesizing the arguments of many experts and scholars, the author puts forward some views on the problem of green packaging, hoping to attract more attention to green packaging, and gradually reach a consensus on the discussion of "the problem of green packaging"

first, what is green packaging

the author believes that the preferable definition of green packaging should be to remove the sample from the jaws: "the packaging conducive to human sustainable development is green packaging."

the basic connotation of green packaging

according to the viewpoint of "conducive to human sustainable development" in some laboratories, in addition to the general attributes of packaging (protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation and promoting sales), the ideal green packaging should have the following three basic conditions, namely, safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation

safety and health

safety and health refers to that the packaging materials used must not be toxic to humans and animals and meet the requirements of relevant health standards. Different commodities have different requirements for the safety and health performance of packaging materials; It is often of special significance for commodities such as food and drugs

environmental protection

environmental protection refers to the adaptability of packaging to environmental protection, that is, packaging materials and their production processes must adapt to the needs of environmental protection. It is required that packaging materials have good adaptability to environmental protection and do not harm the environment in the whole process from the acquisition of raw materials to the production, processing and use of packaging materials and the disposal of waste after use

saving resources

saving resources mainly refers to saving materials and energy. From a deep level, there is also the problem of saving human resources. If safety and health are essential to protect the health of contemporary people, environmental protection and resource conservation are necessary measures to benefit the present and future generations

therefore, a kind of packaging has the above three basic conditions, which is the ideal green packaging; On the contrary, if it does not have or does not fully meet the above three basic conditions, it cannot be called green packaging

evaluation method of green packaging

taking the three rulers of safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation as the standards, the application of "life cycle analysis" is mainly to consider the buffer failure method, which is an objective and scientific evaluation method of green packaging

the so-called "life cycle analysis" refers to the "whole process of life cycle" from the acquisition of raw materials of packaging materials to the production, processing, use of packaging materials and the disposal of waste after use. Only the packaging that meets the basic requirements of safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation at all stages of the whole "life cycle" is the green packaging we advocate; In the whole life cycle, if a process or some stage does not meet the requirements of green packaging, it cannot be called green packaging materials; Effective measures must be taken to eliminate the problems in the links that do not meet the requirements of green packaging, that is, to do a good job of "greening", so as to turn it into green packaging materials

Second, the necessity of "greening" packaging materials

developing green packaging is the need to ensure safety and health and human health

various packages are widely used for food and drug commodities, and many food and drugs are also in direct contact with packaging materials. If the packaging does not meet the requirements of sanitary specifications. Even if food and drugs are strictly controlled in terms of formula and production process, these goods will be harmful to human body due to packaging pollution. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the safety and hygiene of packaging materials

developing green packaging is the need to protect the natural environment and stabilize the development of the national economy

natural environment is a necessary condition for our survival. With the continuous development of science and technology, human influence on nature is increasing. On the one hand, people's ability to develop and utilize natural resources is constantly improving, and at the same time, the possible negative impact of human activities on nature and mankind itself is also increasing. Some of these negative impacts cannot be eliminated at all or in the short term, so we are required to pay more attention to environmental protection, safety and health, and pay attention to resource conservation. China once improperly disposed of plastic packaging materials and other wastes, resulting in "white pollution" and serious pollution of river systems by industrial wastewater, which brought great harm to socialist construction. We should draw profound lessons from it, vigorously carry out green packaging work, and prevent packaging from repeating mistakes in the whole life cycle and causing harm to the environment

developing green packaging is the need to participate in international market competition and break trade barriers

after our accession to the WTO, trade barriers between countries will gradually reduce, and the so-called "national treatment" advocated by the market economy will be replaced. However, in order to protect their domestic market, industrialized countries are inconvenient to use measures such as raising tariffs, which often restrict the entry of our goods by raising the technical threshold such as green packaging standards. In order to meet the needs of China's commodity export, we must also vigorously develop the green packaging industry, deal with "trade barriers" and meet the needs of China's foreign trade

developing green packaging is the need to save resources and ensure China's socialist construction

saving resources is not only of universal significance to human sustainable development, but also of special significance to China, a country with the largest population and relatively scarce resources in the world

III. favorable conditions for "greening" of packaging materials

at present, the bulk of packaging materials used include paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, etc., most of which have the basic conditions to realize green packaging. Even if the application of plastic packaging materials, once regarded as "white pollution" by people, is increasing rapidly, there are still many favorable conditions in the "green" aspect of packaging

the advantages of "green" plastic packaging materials are summarized as follows:

first, plastic packaging materials can obtain good health and safety. The basic raw materials used in plastic packaging materials are various polymer compounds. Generally, they all have good hygienic properties. As long as we pay attention to strictly controlling the monomer content, strictly controlling the selection and application amount of additives, the hygienic properties of plastic packaging materials can be guaranteed. Second, most of the bulk varieties of plastic packaging materials can achieve cleaner production and avoid environmental pollution. Third, plastic packaging materials, which are basically thermoplastics, can be heated and melted for many times, and have the properties of recycling and recycling. Fourth, most of them are combustible. Waste can also be treated by incineration and heat energy can be recovered. Fifth, the development and application of degradable plastics in recent years has created favorable conditions for solving the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic packaging materials

in addition, the plastic packaging industry has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in improving the environmental protection adaptability of plastic packaging materials. For example, valuable experience in improving the adaptability of plastic packaging waste to environmental protection - #%! Principles (i.e. quantification reduction, reuse, recycling and development of degradable plastics). Practice has proved that these measures can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the entry of waste plastic packaging materials into the natural environment

therefore, we should be full of confidence in green packaging

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