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Pulp suppliers discuss the decline limit of pulp price

it is reported that the import amount of Lun is US $66.79 million. Dun commercial pulp suppliers are currently discussing the decline limit of pulp price. Many industry insiders believe that the price of northern bleached softleaf kraft pulp (NBSK) has fallen sharply by 33.4% year-on-year, and cannot be stretched: the maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity, etc. have fallen below the minimum limit of US $460 per ton

the contract price of NBSK in southern Europe has been set at $450 per ton, and some manufacturers even sold it at $440. Market observers believe that NBSK's price may fall another $20 before the factory adopts large-scale shutdown and production reduction

in terms of staple fiber and fiber pulp, industry insiders predict that the decline in the price of wood pulp is also the general trend. Brazilian eucalyptus pulp suppliers decided to establish a price of 470 US dollars per ton as soon as possible and try their best to maintain this level

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