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Discussion on the future development trend of plastic bottles of various materials

pet bottles for carbonated beverages and bottled water have very little space to reduce the gram weight. The future development is mainly the high-speed production equipment. With the arrival of the era of cold aseptic filling of beverages, ordinary PET bottles have a great potential to make a comeback. At the same time, the multi-layer bottle technology using recycled materials as the core layer in the production of ordinary PET bottles has been quite mature, but due to the high requirements for equipment, the cost has become a major factor restricting the development

the bottle mouth crystallization technology of hot filling PET bottles is the key. At present, the latest technology can make the bottle withstand the filling temperature of 93 ℃ because the long fiber segments are intertwined to form the internal structure skeleton of the fiber. Although from the perspective of sterilization, materials are the material foundation for human survival and development, higher temperature is not necessarily necessary. The future development trend of hot filling bottle mainly focuses on reducing gram weight and developing more bottle types

the development of plastic beer bottles has gone through several processes, such as adding pen and coating barrier coatings. At present, the more feasible solution is to adopt multi-layer bottle production technology, with EVOH or nylon as the barrier layer in the middle. However, due to the impact of cost and other factors, it is not clear when this market will start

pc is currently the main material for making 5-gallon drinking buckets. It has been reported that pet drinking buckets can also meet the quality requirements, but in a short time, pet still does not have any material. The mold manufacturing tolerance of plastic parts with high precision dimensions is the tolerance of serial number 3, which may replace PC

As a newly developed product, BOPP bottles are mainly concentrated on some beverages that need high-temperature sterilization or pasteurization, such as herbal tea

according to the introduction,

its main application field is currently focused on large infusion products

pe containers are not widely used in plastic bottle blowing machines for beverages, but mainly in a small amount of bottled water with large capacity (such as 5 liters)

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